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How to prevent Zika Virus infection

  • July 15, 2017

How to prevent Zika Virus infectionThe first thing in how to prevent zika virus infection is to prevention against mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes which spread this disease mostly bite during daytime and late nights. As it is said Prevention is better than cure. There is no vaccine for prevention of zika virus but studies are still ongoing to develop it.

To avoid mosquito bite the following things have to be done:-

Application of insect repellents –

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) use insect repellents registered under EPA. These repellents are proven to be the most effective and safe even for elderly individuals, pregnant and breast feeding women.

Before using insect repellents always follow the instructions on product label.

Insect repellent should not be sprayed under clothing.

Reapplication of repellent should be done as per directions given on the label.

If you are using sun screen, application of sun screen should be done before repellent application.

How to prevent zika virus infection in people who are travelling:-

Wearing light colored clothing which is long sleeved shirts and pants. Maximum areas of the body should be covered.

Using window and door screens to avoid mosquitoes and staying in places where there is air conditioning also helps to keep away from mosquitoes.

During night times sleeping under mosquito bed nets also helps to protect from mosquito bites.

How to prevent zika virus in newborns and children

Children and babies should be dressed so that arms and legs are covered completely.

Insect repellent should not be used on babies. For children insect repellent can be used but do not apply repellent on hands, eyes, mouth or on open cut wounds.

For application on children, you can spray on your hands and then apply it on the child’s face.

Strollers, baby carriers, cribs should be covered with mosquito net.

Use of permethrin

Permethrin should be used on clothing and gears as they remain protective even after multiple washing.

Care should be taken not to use permethrin product directly on skin as they are intended to treat clothing.

How to prevent zika virus that is spread from Infected individuals

If you’re infected from zika virus then protect others from getting infected.

As this diseases transmit from person to person via mosquitoes.

Recent studies even shows there is spread of this diseases by sexual transmission.

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