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What is Pneumaturia

  • November 15, 2017


Pneumaturia is formation and occurrence of air in urine. This happens when air is formed by certain bacteria that cause urinary tract infection.

Pneumaturia Causes

It is mostly caused by two of the following air forming bacteria. They are:

  1. Escherichia coli also called as E. Coli
  2. Pseudomonas Aerogenosa also called as P. Aerogenosa.

The urinary tract infections from E.Coli and P. Aerogenosa results in formation of air that can collect in the urinary bladder.

This air in this condition is then released along with urine when the person micturates or passes urine.

Signs and Symptoms of Pneumaturia

This condition of air in urine due to urinary tract infection can be painful but most commonly is not that painful.

The pain in this condition of air in urine is actually from the urinary tract infection, where severe pain can occur while passing urine. This pain during urination is called as dysuria.

Other signs and symptoms of Pneumaturia are fever and abdominal pain. The fever is usually of high grade and is most commonly associated with chills and rigors.

Pneumaturia Treatment

This condition of air in urine is treated with the following:

  • Antibiotics to treat the infection
  • Plenty of oral fluids: To wash out the bacteria and decrease the infection
  • Other symptomatic treatment like that of fever and pain. Paracetamol ao any other Non steroidal anti inflammatory drug is used to treat fever.

This in a brief answer to the question what is Pneumaturia.

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