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Zika Virus Vaccine

  • July 15, 2017

Zika Virus Vaccine

Is there a zika virus vaccine available in the U.S or any other country?

Until 2015 there was no potential zika virus vaccine against diseases caused by zika. In recent studies made in Indian Biotech Company there are two vaccines against zika virus.

There is no evidence as how this vaccine performs against this mosquito borne virus diseases. Until recently this diseases was not thought to be too dreadful as it involves fever, rashes and itchy eyes.

As these diseases started spreading rapidly throughout Americas and this year it had outbreak in Brazil. In Brazil it was noticed that there is strong link in between zika virus and microcephaly in new born.

Microcephaly is a condition in which there is abnormally small skull than normal due to which there is severe brain damage. This link is yet to be confirmed, but WHO upgraded the outbreak to BE MOST SERIOUS LEVEL.

INDIAN BHARAT BIOTECT Company was working on this zika virus vaccine from past 18 months and now came out with these two vaccines. “We never expected that the virus will become a serious issue”, Krishna Ella, CEO of Barat biotect company. This potential vaccine is ready to begin trails on animals within two weeks.

The first vaccines recombinant vaccine, which means it contains zika DNA , but not the virus itself. The second vaccine is inactivated and contains whole particles of zika virus which are tweaked so that they do not replicate or cause infection but can trigger immune response.

Testing of these vaccines on animals will take around five months and after that they’ll need to be tested on humans. So it may take few more months to a year to get marketed depending upon its approval by WHO.

Apart from this a team in UK researchers has developed a strain of genetically modified male mosquitoes that mate with females, but the offspring will die soon. This is because the male mosquito has been genetically modified to require a dietary supplement that can’t be found in nature. In trials done this has shown to wipe out 90 percent of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

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